Cooking for Fun

As you may have read between the lines of my previous posts, I really enjoy cooking. It doesn’t matter if I’m cooking just for myself, or if I’m preparing dinner for my girlfriend and me, cooking in general fits me pretty well. I think this comes from the very short feedback-cycle in cooking: you know pretty quickly if your combination of ingredients works out and if they don’t, you can still try to save the dish by adding other flavors into the mix.

The meals I enjoy the most are meat with rice, rice with various souces, noodles with different combinations of spices and cream, and especially taiwanese and indian curries. Sadly, I wasn’t able to reproduce the curries my father likes to prepare for dinner, but I’ll be able to cook them on my own one day. Until then, my girlfriend and I are satisfied with our current food, which we now can make pretty fast and without much effort.

I am not really a fan of following a cookbook. Instead, I prefer inventing my own meals and experimenting with combinations of spices I find in the shops in my surroundings. The Hong Kong Shop in Linz for example is a great source for all kinds of ingredients, which mix up the standard taste of austrian food in a good way, and make eating your own meals even more fun.

If you want to share your recipes with me, I am really open for comments and recommendations! I can write down and polish some findings of my own and publish them too, so wen can build up a small library of good combinations on our own 🙂